Still Not Sleeping?

The techniques we recommend for a better night’s sleep can be extremely effective, but in some cases it’s best to consult your doctor. While disturbed sleep is very common and easily rectified, there are more serious conditions that could be the cause of your insomnia and tiredness.

You should speak to your doctor if:

  • You think you’re getting enough sleep, but you still feel exhausted during the day.
  • You fall asleep mid-conversation, at work or during meals.
  • You collapse when you laugh or experience other strong emotions.
  • You physically enact your dreams, lashing out and injuring yourself or your partner while asleep.
  • Your partner and family members are regularly disturbed by your snoring, sleep talking and sleep walking.
  • You thrash around a lot while asleep.
  • There is unexplained damage to your home in the morning, or evidence of missing food.
  • You’ve started or changed any medication and noticed your sleep has changed.

These symptoms are all tell-tale signs of various sleep disorders, and it is highly recommended that you discuss your problems with a professional.