Mattress Dipping and Settlement

Mattress settlement is perfectly normal, however can be a cause of unnecessary concern for consumers. Most new mattresses – particularly those with generous upholstery layers will show signs of settlement or body impressions until the fillings ‘bed down’ with the aid of the sleepers body weight. This is not a sign of premature wear and although it may look like the sleeping areas are wearing quicker than the rest of the mattress, regular turning and/or rotating of the mattress – particularly in the first few months will help equal out body impressions.

Mattresses with very soft layers such as wool, wool cotton, are more prone to settlement and therefore regular turning and/or rotating of the mattress whilst new is extremely important.

Mattress settlement tends to be more noticeable in larger King and Super King size mattresses due to the wider sleeping area. This stands to reason – if you are only sleeping in an area the width of your body, the central and perimeter areas are often under utilised.

One general point to remember with any new mattress is that it will quickly reflect the surface and contours of the base being used. This is why manufacturers recommend that mattresses are purchased with a new base.  If the mattress is for use on a slatted base, then please ensure that the slats are more than 70mm wide and that the space between does not have the potential for the pocket springs to drop through the gap as this will impact on the sleep surface and cause premature wear. If your slatted base doesn’t meet these standards a breathable board that sits on top may provide a suitable foundation.

We do hope that you find this information - which is standard throughout the UK bed industry, useful and wish you many years of good night’s sleeping on your Highgrove mattress.