Because everyone is different

Highgrove's Zonagel® is an innovative gel infused system with targeted comfort zones of varied firmness, ergonomically designed to offer the right level of support for different areas of your body. It incorporates Highgrove's advanced Equasleep® technology to regulate surface temperature, providing restful sleep all year round. 



How it Works

  • Zonagel® reduces body pressure points to improve blood circulation, prompting restful sleep.
  • Zonagel® is not temperature sensitive and unlike memory foam, reacts immediately to body pressure to create a sense of weightlessness.
  • Zonagel® is high performance and designed for long lasting comfort.
  • The open cell structure of Zonagel® improves moisture dispersion and breath-ability.
  • For added convenience the deep layer of Zonagel® is used effectively in single-sided mattresses so there is no need to flip, just rotate 180 degrees regularly. 


Zonagel® Mattresses

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After a long day on your feet there’s nothing better than climbing in to your comfortable bed.

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