You sleep better when you keep your cool.

We’ve all been there, as hard as you may try you just can’t drop off to sleep.

We often ask ourselves why? Well, it may be that you’re too warm to fall asleep. A drop in body temperature is to be expected before sleep. High ambient temperature can make sleeping more difficult.

Also, waking during the night is more often than not, related to high body temperature than any other factor.

That is why we created Equasleep®, body temperature technology for better quality sleep. Highgrove’s advanced Equasleep® is a collection of innovative cooling technologies ranging from unique fabric fibres to cooling gel layers which help regulate the surface temperature of your mattress.



How It Works

EQ Fibres® features high thermal conductivity yarns which are cool to touch and help maintain the optimum body temperature for quality sleep, whilst EQ Gel® provides exceptional surface comfort whilst managing moisture dispersion and ventilation for a healthier night’s sleep.

Equasleep® only from Highgrove, keeps you and your mattress at the ideal temperature for restful sleep all year round.


A cool high thermal conductivity smart-yarn which quickly disperses heat generated by your body while you sleep.

Using smart-gel technology to help manage moisture dispersion and optimise mattress ventilation, helping you maintain perfect sleep temperature throughout the night.

Brochure Models

After a long day on your feet there’s nothing better than climbing in to your comfortable bed.

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Sleep Tips

Getting a goods night sleep it vital so check out our tips

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